Called to serve together

Kaleo™ is a community-centered mobile app and platform that connects church members and other volunteers to local non-profits with volunteer opportunities, in real time. Together, we build stronger communities.

Kaleo – Serving made simple.

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Kaleo connects you with community

Kaleo connects churches, non-profit and service organizations, and church members and other volunteers through its trusted platform. 

By enabling an easy way for church members to be of service, for non-profits and service organizations to list their needs, and for volunteers to discover service opportunities, Kaleo helps deepen community bonds.

Volunteers can share their service stories in Kaleo to celebrate volunteer experiences with others. And churches and non-profit organizations can leverage Kaleo’s robust reporting tools to track activity and quickly see opportunity and impact.

Helping communities by connecting volunteers with local needs

Kaleo is for mission-driven organizations and their members who desire to answer the call to serve in their community using their unique gifts.

We envision a world in which service is celebrated as a necessary foundation for thriving communities – inspiring a greater number of volunteers to joyfully serve in meaningful ways. 

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Kaleo for churches

Connect your members with meaningful opportunities to make a positive impact in your local community. Christians are called to serve others as a response to the love and grace they have received. Service deepens faith and creates bonds creating a sense of shared responsibility, kindness, and care.

Expand service opportunities

Are your members seeking more opportunities to serve? Kaleo simplifies the process of encouraging engaging in your community, making it a breeze to bring them together for a common cause. Church priorities for service opportunities are incorporated into suggestions for your members.

Match skills with local needs

​Finding the right talent for local organizations is no longer a challenge. Kaleo helps match volunteers' specific skills with local initiatives that need their expertise, reducing staff burden to track an ever increasing and changing number of opportunities.

Engage, prepare and share

Kaleo offers a user-friendly platform for communication with your members for sharing material and guidance in advance of service and sharing service stories from your organization.

Gain insights at a glance

Stay in the know with our intuitive dashboard. Get real-time insights into volunteer activity, so you can make data-driven decisions to boost your community impact.

Kaleo for non-profits and service organizations

Join the growing number of local non-profits and service organizations who are using Kaleo to amplify their mission, increase their visibility, and build relationships with a larger community of volunteers.

Grow your volunteer ecosystem

Does your organization struggle to find committed volunteers? Kaleo helps you discover volunteers with the interests and skills you need, when you need them. Build a strong volunteer community that's always ready to lend a hand.

Streamline volunteer coordination

Kaleo simplifies the daunting task of coordinating and scheduling volunteers. With real-time messaging, email, and alerts, you can effortlessly inform your volunteers as volunteer activities unfold.

Raise awareness and share success stories

Spread the word about your volunteer opportunities and highlight your organization's efforts to support those in need. Kaleo lets you reach a wider audience quickly so that you volunteer opportunities and success stories reach more potential volunteers .

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Kaleo for church members and other volunteers

Join Kaleo today and experience the joy of making a positive impact, on your terms, with a community that shares your passion. Your journey starts here.

Find the right fit

Say goodbye to uncertainty and hesitation with Kaleo's clear and intuitive interface. Discover volunteer opportunities tailored just for you, ensuring a perfect match every time.

Share your story

Kaleo brings you closer to the causes you care about, fostering healthier relationships and communities. Share your inspiring volunteer stories with others and be part of a community that truly makes a difference.

Get started quickly

With Kaleo, you can get started in less than 5 minutes. Just download the app, setup your profile, and jump right in to discover local volunteer opportunities that speak to you. Kaleo makes starting your volunteer journey a breeze.

Get started


Are you a volunteer ready to serve, or a church or non-profit organization ready to see Kaleo in action?

Download the app today to get started!

Churches / Non-Profits

Are you a church or non-profit organization ready to use Kaleo for your organization and within your community?

Kaleo is launching on a community-by-community basis starting in the Pacific Northwest. Are you interested in bringing Kaleo to your local community? Learn more.

Are you a church, non-profit, or service organization interested in learning more about the benefits of signing up with Kaleo? We’d love to talk with you! Please contact us.


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