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The Kaleo experience

Kaleo is a trusted app and platform that connects churches, volunteers, and local non-profits – simplifying the path to service.

Churches have motivated members who want to serve. Non-profits rely on volunteers to help deliver services to those in need. Kaleo helps engage church members and other volunteers and matches volunteer interests and availability to local non-profits’ needs in real time.

Churches benefit by offering members an easy way to start serving. Volunteers can sign up and support a non-profit through Kaleo in a variety of ways – through simple donations, working odd jobs, providing supplies, or even longer-term commitments such as trips and staff positions. Non-profits benefit by amplifying their mission and discovering expanding their volunteer community.

Kaleo also provides a powerful storytelling platform. Stories that celebrate the gifts, value, and community impact of service inspire others to get involved.

Connecting and engaging in Kaleo

Kaleo hosts the coordinating functions for churches, volunteers, and local non-profits.

Getting started

Kaleo offers a connection between churches, volunteers, and non-profit organizations. In Kaleo, church leaders and non-profit staff set up as Kaleo administrators can update their organization’s details, list volunteer opportunities, and inspiring stories. If you’re a volunteer, you can easily see all this info, share it with others, and connect to opportunities that speak to you.

Activity dashboards and insights

Kaleo administrators (as “authorized users”) manage their organization’s information, listed needs for volunteers, and service stories. They manage communication with volunteers and can view dashboards that provide insights into the skills and interests of their Kaleo followers, volunteer activity categories, and organization activity categories over time.



Yes, at some point in the future the entire User Experience of Kaleo will be translated to another language.  Let us know what language you would like to see.

Presently, all chat/discussion messages are shown in the default language of the device used to view the messages.  If a message is entered by someone in English and another person reads the message on a device set to Spanish, the second person will see the message in Spanish.  If the second person replies in Spanish, the first person will see the reply in English.

Kaleo is free for volunteers to use to connect with any opportunity at any organization in their community.

Organizations need to sign up and choose a Subscription Plan.  The first paid subscription for an organization comes with a 30 day free trial period.

Getting started

Yes.  If you install Kaleo on more than one device and use the same email account each time, your settings will be shared on all those devices.

On the second and later devices, you can use the “I already have an account” option during setup.

Kaleo is available for iPhone/iPad, Android, and Windows.  The links for each store are in the Get Started section of the home page.

Some functionality (e.g. activity dashboards) is only available on the admin site.

Kaleo administration

The admin portal is located at

To access the portal you need permissions from one or more organizations to see their activity.  To be granted permission, contact the organization on that organization’s page in Kaleo using your Kaleo account email.

The activity dashboards are part of the Kaleo Admin site.  The dashboards provides insights into actions taken by Kaleo users on needs, events and stories for an organization.  For all followers of an organization, the dashboard shows the mix of skills and interests selected by those followers.

A safe and trusted platform

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Secure and private data

Your data is your own. We will never sell or share it with external third parties.

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Shared oversight

Users are empowered to help maintain a healthy and respectful atmosphere.

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An ad-free space

We are committed to providing an ad-free haven, free from commercial exploitation.