About Kaleo

Kaleo is a Greek word meaning ‘to call’ or ‘to invite’

At Kaleo we are deeply committed to following our calling to bring service and community impact to life by connecting volunteers with volunteer opportunities.

Our team has extensive experience in software development, combined with a faith-driven passion for service and community – a powerful combination.

We flourish when we connect with each other

It has been widely observed that we’re facing a surge in loneliness among Americans, and it’s evident that for our happiness and well-being, we must reconnect with one another. Traditional interactions, from sharing meals to community volunteering, play a pivotal role in fostering community bonds.

It is also well known that church and community volunteers are motivated to serve in their communities but can feel challenged finding the organizations looking for their skills. Non-profits rely on volunteers and often have trouble attracting the help they need.

Two women volunteers building a house
Volunteers at a Food Bank Helping Their Community

An opportunity to simplify the path to serve

So we started to wonder if there was an easier way for volunteers to:

Connect with each other and answer the call to serve

Build an environment of growth, support, and compassion in their community

Bring grace, hope, and joy into other’s lives

Attract volunteers with the skills and availability they need

Kaleo – matching volunteers with local needs

Drawing from these insights and questions, "Kaleo" was conceived - an app and platform dedicated to connecting church volunteers and others eager to help with local needs, bridging gaps, and rebuilding essential human connections that foster strong communities.

Kaleo Connecting Volunteers Shaking Hands

Help your church community come together and serve together

Matthew 22:37-39

“Jesus replied: ‘Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind. This is the first and greatest commandment. And the second is like it: Love your neighbor as yourself.’”

Our founders

Kaleo, a trademark of Tuple Software® Inc., was founded by Craig Wittenberg in 2017.

Craig, our CEO, holds a Computer Science degree from the University of Washington and an MBA from Wharton. With years of experience at Microsoft, his faith has always played a pivotal role in his life, both inspiring the essence of Kaleo.

Tyler Huson, our Director of Community Development, pairs his Computer Science background with a deep passion for technology and service. Committed to his church and community, he’s dedicated to helping those in need, integrating tech and heart in everything he does.

Picture of a town